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  • After sending out 50 or so emails to clients with tips & tricks to optimize their new DSL/Cable connections, I decided to just consolidate all the info on to one easy to handle Reference Page (easy to handle for me, I guess)
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    ADSL Resources
    DSL & Cable Guide - Performance and Testing
    Navas DSL/Cable Modem Guide
    DSL Reports
    ADSL Security Issues
    Gibson Research Corporation
  • The Definitive Security Site
    Zone Alarm - Firewall
  • The Definitive Home User Firewall
  • Get Rid of Spyware
  • Get Rid of Spyware
    ADSL Streaming Video
    This American Life
  • Not video - A Radio Show - but an excellent archive of hilarious material that is always playing when I'm cooking
  • Now owned by Yahoo - has a special broadband section
    RealPlayer Guide
  • Content for RealPlayer
    CodeThis.com Shameless Plugs
  • Now that you have the BANDWIDTH - see it all proper from dear uncle
    The B # 3
  • Hear the Band /w RealPlayer
    The SM Clinic
    Portrait of the Artist as a Young Porno Star
    The ItaloCam
    PatchFan.com - A 21st Century CyberPup

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